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A cute Princess Celestia who seems way too small compared to her canon appearance! I’m happy with her either way.

With the season 4 premier recently on my mind I drew this last night. As with a lot of my drawings lately it were only supposed to be a doodle to get it out of my system, but I liked it enough to keep adding to it. Decided to experiment with a more noticeable shading in the style of my older drawings with soft shading, except this time, giving it more contrast. I had planned to do the typical pink mane of Tia since it were “only a doodle” as well but as I experimented with the airbrush it turned out like this! Way better than I expected. 

Uncropped versions 1 and 2. + random cropped thing I did. (Shh, just play along..)

DevArt link

Of course, there’s a nsfw version of this as well. I did stay up doodling for an entire night after all, which makes the mind go places. NSFW
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